16 Days of Activism spreads awareness

December 3, 2020 BY

Bellarine Community Health Youth Team wearing their hats in support of the campaign.

THE Borough of Queenscliffe and Surf Coast Shire Council have announced their support for the Respect Women: ‘Call it Out’ – 16 Days of Activism campaign.

The campaign started on November 25 and runs for 16 days between UN Human Rights Day and International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

The campaign aims to to raise awareness for gender inequality as a key driver of violence against women.

According to the public health section on the shire website, “council has a proud history as a world leader in responding to violence against women and in 2010 pioneered introduction of Family Violence Leave, providing employees experiencing family violence with access to 20 days of paid leave.”

“Again this year during the 16 Days of Activism we are seeking to create conversations and inspire positive change on gender equality and respectful behaviour towards women and girls,

“To help, we asked members of our local community to share their thoughts on ‘Respect Is…’ and gender equality in relation to surfing and our famous waves.”

The Borough of Queenscliffe has partnered with Bellarine Community Health and their respective customer service teams will be wearing orange hats throughout the campaign. They are engaging local businesses by providing posters, stickers and other resources encouraging customers to call out disrespect and violence.

“Everyone has a responsibility to call out sexism, disrespect and violence towards women. Council is proud to be partnering with Respect Victoria and Bellarine Community Health to make it clear that our community says no to gender-based violence,” Borough of Queenscliffe mayor Ross Ebbels said.

Bellarine Community Health Interim CEO, Garry Ellis said communities needs to prioritise respect.

“Violence against women is a health issue and we all need to work together to raise awareness and create a community where relationships are based on respect. As a community, we should be doing everything possible to end violence against women. BCH is proud to partner with the Borough of Queenscliffe and Respect Victoria and I want to thank the many businesses in the Borough for supporting this campaign.”

More information and resources for this campaign can be found on both councils websites and social media pages.