The team at about barbeques and fireplaces are holding a free demo cook day on Saturday, November 9.

The simple barbecue has come a long way

November 8, 2019 BY

Snags on a barbie have been a staple of Aussie culture.

For almost as long as we can remember, watching Dad try to get the snags that rolled off the grill back on before anyone noticed (and we all did) has many summer memories for us all.

But slowly we have moved from mere sausages, rissoles and chewy steaks breaking the spirit of many a young jaw, to understanding more about celebrated TV chefs preaching to their disciples on subjects of seasoning, spiced rubs, smoked salts, salmon cooked on soaked cedar planks, through to grills made from stainless steel vs cast iron, gas vs charcoal and all the way to designer “made to measure” alfresco kitchens that all our Mums would have been happy with “indoors”!


But without doubt serving up the basic fare at your next barbie is something we are all trying to leave behind to a degree.

Sure, it’s great on a summer’s night! Quick clean; done! Or Heat-Meat-Eat if you like!

But for that memorable “family and friends” gathering on a warm Saturday night over summer, or even a winter get together, there is a method of barbecue that is starting to take Australia and now Geelong and the coast region by storm! REAL Texas style barbecue!


This is your chance to taste some of the best beef and chicken you have ever eaten.

With the emergence of the various BBQ Pitmaster TV shows, there has been a newfound appreciation of the simple art of cooking meat over charcoal and fire.

A style of cooking celebrated around the world for centuries has now a new level of local devotees.

Offset smoking,low and slow cooking, rubs, injecting, bark, seasoning, smoke flavours and fire management are now the combined various skills you need to start to learn as you perfect your style of real barbecue!

Briskets, shoulders, pork butts, wings, ribs of all sorts and chicken are all to be included in your newfound barbecue mastering.


About barbeques & fireplaces are undoubtedly your local Geelong region leaders when it comes to the supply of all things Texas-style barbecue and smoking, as well as a full range of traditional barbecus.

AND guess what? For the first time ever in Torquay, they are holding a FREE Demo cook day on Saturday, November 9 from 10am to 2pm

‘about BBQs’ owners Mike Craft and Bruce Dargavel will have one of Australia’s top ranked (and local) competition barbeue teams, “Porky & The Brine”, in attendance cooking and answering your questions on how to improve your grilling game.

This is your chance to call in and ask what you have always wanted to know about the art of the barbecue and compare competition cooking to home cooking. Maybe you’re better than you think!

As Brett Grey from “Porky’s” says: “We are always keen to get people into understanding its not just the old bbq anymore. We want families to enjoy great food and make the catch-up barbecue an amazing at home event everyone enjoys. Come along and ask how.”

“Plus, we will talk you through various grills from Oklahoma Joes.

“Oklahoma Joes are direct from the USA to about barbcues and they are amazing to cook on, so grab a deal from Mike and Bruce.”

The guys from Rubbed Red Raw meat rubs will also be there on the day to guide you through their range of spices and rubs and how best to get the most out of what you are doing with the meat you are cooking and bring the flavours to the forefront. Grab some and try it that night!

“The Desert Dirt on Chicken is an amazing flavour to compliment what can be a simple meat,” Bruce said.


A complete range of demonstrations on barbcueing on Charcoal will be happening also.

Expert Pitmasters from Flaming Coals will be cooking on some of their range of mini spits demonstrating the best home gyros through to South American-style rotisserie and skewer cooking. Plus, again demonstrating their range of Texas off set smokers.


We have all cooked on a gas barbecue and your results will consistently improve with little tips and tricks the team at ‘about’ can demonstrate to you on the day.

As Bruce says: “The success and taste of the evening steak or a piece of chicken can all get down to simply internal temperature. Don’t overcook! A basic food temperature probe will take you up an extra level when you know what the internal meat temperatures should be.”

A simple barbecue, a fridge, accessories and all the way through to a beautiful alfresco cooking space… there is just one place to go!


About barbeques & fireplaces, 31 Baines Crescent, Torquay

Saturday, November 9

10am to 2pm

Plenty of food to sample

Plenty of tips to learn

Plenty of bargains on the day

For more information about the full range, head to