App against graffiti a hit

January 28, 2021 BY

Graffiti can now be reported via an app that aims to improve the removal process, as well as assisting police in tracking vandals and hotspot areas.

A TOTAL of 800 reports of graffiti have been lodged through the city’s new easy-to-use mobile app since its inception in September.

The release of the Victorian Graffiti Register (VIVGR) mobile app and website have made reporting graffiti with the city more accessible.

With the use of geotagging technology community members can send the exact location directly to the city’s graffiti removal team to be assessed or forwarded to the relevant landowner.

Mayor Stephanie Asher said the app will be effective in tracking vandalism across the region.

“The release of the VICGR app is a big step forward in the ongoing fight against graffiti in the region, but also across the state,” Cr Asher said.

“We can all do our bit and there are some amazing people – including our workers, other contractors and dedicated volunteers – who are out there every day trying to address this issue.”

Along with enhancing the reporting process, the VICGR app is anticipated to identify hotspots as well as track repeated tags to assist Victoria Police with investigations.

The VICGR register is available across the state enabling the tracking of reoccurring tags throughout multiple council areas.

Community members are being strongly encouraged to download the app which is available on both android and iOS to allow for real-time tracking.

“Council has more than doubled the expenditure and the effort on graffiti removal and I encourage residents to help be part of the solution by reporting graffiti they see via the app,” Cr Asher said.

The City of Greater Geelong is responsible for the removal of graffiti placed on public property but has since began an initiative to better support private property owners with the gifting of paint vouchers to assist them in the removal process.

Vouchers include the purchase of a four-litre paint tin, a roller, paint brush and tray, as well as a drop sheet.

“Each report helps to assist removal, identify hot spots and track repeat offenders to be investigated further by Victoria Police,” Cr Asher said.