Balancing work and study as a Uni student in Australia

July 28, 2020 BY

Australia offers countless benefits to university students. When you choose to study in this country, you’ll be able to have access to top-quality universities, experience cultural diversity, and bask in the great outdoors. There are also many internship programs available in Australia that can supplement your college education.
Studying in Australia can be very beneficial, but university students often see themselves struggling when it comes to balancing work and study. University students who earn money from student jobs are likely experience stress as they have too many things on their plates. This usually happens during the first years of college as students are still adjusting to a new lifestyle and environment.

Steer away from this direction by balancing work and study through these tips:

  1. Keep Everyone Informed

Looking into a student job board and checking your class schedules should be on top of your to-do list when you apply for a job as a university student, but these aren’t enough to get you started. For you to easily balance your responsibilities at work and school, it’s important to continually communicate with your employer and instructors.
Keeping everyone informed is a must to prevent any clashes along the way. When your employer and instructors know that you’re working and studying at the same time, they’ll be more flexible with your schedule and even provide leeway for unmet deadlines or requirements.

  1. Learn How To Manage Stress

Stress is common among university students, but leaving this unaddressed can eventually take a toll on your mental health. Stress can worsen and turn into depression, and can become the reason why you can no longer function at school and work.
Make sure that none of these happens by learning how to manage stress. Every student has a unique way of handling stress. It’s just a matter of finding what suits you, and using that strategy as often as possible.
You can try out some breathing exercises, yoga, or meditation if you feel you’re too stressed managing various responsibilities at once. You can also relieve yourself from stress by reading a good book, watching a movie, or hanging out with friends.

  1. Stay Healthy

Regardless of how pumped you are to study or work, you won’t be able to do any if you’re always sick. How can you pay attention in class if your allergies are acting up almost every day?  Do you think you can impress your employer if you’re always absent from work because of a severe cough?
You can easily balance work and study as a university student when you regularly eat nutritious food, get enough sleep, and exercise. Make sure to drink water and take supplements, too. Taking naps in the middle of the day can also help because this can boost your body and brain’s performance, improve your productivity, and help you process information faster.

  1. Reward Yourself

As a university student, your performance at work and school are both important. You need to make sure that you excel in both so you can continue to earn and eventually graduate. But, regardless of how occupied you are, you should never forget to reward yourself. Doing this regularly will encourage you to continue achieving your goals and strengthen good habits.
Some of the rewards you can give to yourself is eating at your favourite restaurant, or spending some time at your local spa or salon. You should reward yourself with activities or tangible items that make you happy. Not giving yourself rewards can eventually cause frustration and demotivate you to continue working or studying.

  1. Set Your Boundaries

College life can be exciting because this is the time of your life wherein you’ll meet new people and participate in countless social activities. The persons you’ll meet and things you’ll experience in college can mould your personality, but spending too much time on these things can adversely affect your ability to work and study.
Setting boundaries is important as a university student as this can help maintain your focus. If your friend invites you for a party at the same time that you’re supposed to work or study, learn to say no and prioritize matters that are actually important to you.
Going out with friends and attending parties can be fun, but make sure that you’re not sacrificing your studies or work in the process.

Adapt To Changes

Balancing work and study is vital when you’re a university student in Australia as this can ward off stress and ensure that you can excel in both. Implementing the tips from this article might be challenging at first, but when you realize what’s at stake, you’ll be more than willing to change your ways!