Bones MMA to host self-defence classes

May 26, 2024 BY

Bones MMA owner Matt Williams (right) said the self-defence classes would have a powerful, positive impact on those who attend. He is seen here with co-owner Lani Williams. Torquay-based gym Bones MMA will host its first self-defence class on June 1. Photos: CAMERON WATTS

BONES MMA is gearing up to host a series of self-defence classes over the next six months with the aim of empowering the local community.

The training sessions will be run by experienced instructors, who are either serving Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel or professional martial artists, from the Elemental Training Group (ETG).

The classes will focus on several self-defence basics including situational awareness, to teach participants to how judge situations in the best possible manner to avoid confrontation; de-escalation strategies, for when people may come across someone who intends to cause harm; and disengagement strategies, to assist participants to separate themselves from offenders.

The first session will be held on June 1 between 1-4pm, with more dates to be announced in the coming weeks.

For those interested in learning more, the team are also looking to introduce several advanced self-protection classes which will teach participants additional defence strategies for more challenging scenarios, such as those that involve an edged weapon.

Bones MMA owner Matt Williams said he was excited to host ETG and was sure the classes would have a “powerful, positive impact” on all who attend.

“My gym is a meeting place where many different demographics of our town are represented, because of this I get a unique insight into how the Surf Coast has reacted to recent events,” he said.

“In conversation with students and parents, I have noticed that the Westfield Bondi Junction attack, and other high-profile incidents of violence around the country, have provoked collective fear and uncertainty amongst our community.”


Torquay-based gym Bones MMA will host its first self-defence class on June 1.


He said Bones MMA had received several concerned calls from the community following an incident in the Torquay Pharmacy last month from people “seeking an avenue to empower themselves with self-defence skills and confidence in conflict situations”.

“Our town is so insulated and generally safe that those headlines really shook some people.

“The psychological consequences of these events compounding in a short space of time have left many feeling vulnerable and recognising they need to equip themselves with some practical tools and intervention strategies to navigate a violent situation.”

ETG trainer Kieran, whose surname is unable to be published because of his role within the ADF, said the self-defence classes were about giving the community the best tools possible to help them feel a little bit more capable.

“Obviously it’s great to have some physical capability to help yourself out in these sorts of scenarios, but I’d say the biggest takeaway [from the classes] is having an understanding of conflict prior to finding yourself in a situation where you need it.”

He said the classes were open to any member of the community and were well designed for those who don’t have much experience with martial arts.

“We’re just excited to be able to work within the community and hopefully help make a little bit more of a resilient community moving forwards.”

Bones MMA is at 13 Haystacks Drive, Torquay.

For more information, or to book a class, head to elemental-training.group/courses


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