Lorne Beach Books is helping children enjoy reading despite coronavirus forcing the store to close.

Bookstore shows generosity in trying times

April 9, 2020 BY

LORNE Beach Books responded to troubling times with generosity last week, gifting Easter sticker books to children to help lift their spirits.

To ensure people could adhere to social distancing guidelines, the books were given away at a table at the front of the store.

Lorne Beach Books owner Meryl Barak said she did not want the store’s temporary closure to stop any young readers from enjoying the books.

“I just saw all the sticker books in the shop and I thought there will be children who need these. And because we can’t really open, I wanted them to have something special.

“The books are so beautiful, like the Bluey one, which all the kids just love. They’ve got to have that real joy and so I just wanted them to have the books.”

Many families arrived with their children to pick up a free book.

Ms Barak said despite the hardships the virus has placed on local businesses, it was still important for all to show compassion.

“Everyone has to live the same and we’re no more special than anyone else.

“Sometimes it just makes you happy doing something sweet rather than worrying about money.”