Breamlea artist rides a creative wave

April 9, 2022 BY

Breamlea artist Brittany March poetically describes the creative process behind her work as “putting a piece of myself onto paper”.

One glance at her captivating fine art pieces depicting wondrous marine life, wildlife and native flora in both charcoal and pencil and it is clear her inspiration comes straight from the heart.

The artist’s love of the natural world shines through in each masterful stroke – whether it is a majestic humpback whale, imposing shark, inquisitive sulphur-crested cockatoo or picture-perfect nautilus shell.

Hour upon hour is spent bringing each artwork to life as Brittany hones her craft in the picturesque surrounds of the Ashmore Arts studio she shares with two fellow creatives.

“For me I think it is almost therapeutic, you get in your zone and you focus on one thing and then time will go by and I haven’t even realised I’ve been at the easel for a few hours,” she says.


Brittany can spend up to 50 hours on a large fine artwork. Photo: KAJEERA JENKINS


Up to 50 hours can be poured into the larger fine art works, with originals sold through her website and galleries, with limited edition prints also available for purchase.

Brittany was creative as a child growing up in South Australia and went on to study graphic design at university.

A career as a designer and illustrator naturally followed but it was a move to the Surf Coast that gave her the breathing room to explore a fine art path.

“When I moved to the Surf Coast I just had more time on my hands and, I guess, more inspiration from nature and the environment that we are in.

“I started drawing as a hobby and then eventually that blossomed into something more.

“I love where I grew up but it’s quite a small place and I think the Surf Coast has a really good mixture of outdoor activities but you can also have a career down here being this close to Melbourne.

“There is also something special about the community here.”


Birdlife, native animals, flora and marine life are a feature of her fine art works.


Brittany says her creative streak was nurtured by her parents from a young age, with her artistic talent being passed down from father to daughter.

“I’ve heard stories from a lot of different people saying their parents discouraged them from turning towards creative careers,” she says.

“Fortunately for me my parents never did that. They were really supportive so I think that has definitely made a huge difference.”

Brittany now combines her graphic design work with her fine art pursuits, while also producing a range of coastal map prints and tea towels which are sold through her website and selected retailers.

Outside the studio, surfing is a passion Brittany has discovered in more recent years since making Breamlea her home and a range of bold surfing-inspired postcards is proving a popular addition to her digital art range.


Brittany is an accomplished digital artist and sells her work online through her website and at local stockists.


“Living down the coast here there are so many opportunities for waves, it’s really at your doorstep essentially.

“If the waves are good, I try to enter the water every day and love being absorbed in the natural environment.

“I think a lot of people are drawn to the technical aspect or they are interested in progression, but for me it’s that I love being out in the water.

“Especially if I am surfing alone, it’s so calm and it just feels good.”

Brittany humbly admits she doesn’t stop to think about career highlights but, upon reflection, says she is proud of where she is right now with the rewarding balance she has achieved as a multidisciplinary artist.

A love of the ocean and its creatures shines through in her art.


She loves that her work as a graphic designer and commercial illustrator allows her to collaborate with local businesses, while she is also open to fine art commissions and customised pieces.

“For me it’s good to have a mixture of the fine art which is more serious and the illustrative work which is fun and colourful.
“I think I am a pretty harsh critic of my work but I think you need to be to keep improving.

“I’m just experimenting with different techniques and trying to take my art to the next level.”

Brittany also uses her art to support causes close to her heart and is donating a piece to Surfers for Climate which will be auctioned at a Car Park Cinema and Climate Convo event on April 23 in Lorne.

Discover more and purchase artworks on Brittany’s newly refreshed ‘marchcreative’ website
and keep up-to-date with her journey on Instagram @artbybrittanymarch