Bridge Club gives newcomers a hand

February 13, 2020 BY

The club is happy to welcome any newcomers.

THE Torquay Bridge Club is looking to help people stay active socially and mentally by running a series of free lessons teaching the card game.

Club treasurer Kym Fraser, who is also set to teach the newcomers the game, said the lessons are open to anyone, with the ambition being that they eventually become part of the club.

“We’ll happily let anyone walk through the door.

“We provide lessons and then we provide a couple of weeks of supervised plays to get them used to the timing, et cetera, and then they join the rest of the club.”

The classes will run from 1-3pm on February 25 through to May 5.

The club members play on Mondays from noon-3:30pm.

Both the lessons and the usual gatherings are held at the Torquay Senior Citizens Centre at 16 Price Street.

People interested in learning the game should phone Kym Fraser on 0434 689 598.