Bumper stickers drive message home

December 3, 2020 BY

3228 Local Residents Association secretary Sue O'Shanassy, left, and committee member Julia Gutbrod.

THE Save Spring Creek campaign team has released thousands of bumper stickers with the simple message “Hands Off Spring Creek” emblazoned in white writing on a striking purple background.

Produced with support from Patagonia, 3228 Local Residents Association secretary Sue O’Shanassy, is concerned about over development.

“I think we are already at capacity,” she said.

“We don’t need more development in this town.”

3228 Local Residents committee member Julia Gutbrod urged the community to get involved.

“Put the bumper sticker on your car, but the most important thing at the moment is to get your submission in and make it really clear that you support option two and you can always write to the planning minister,” she said.

Protect Spring Creek member Graeme Stockton said the stickers were an opportunity for the community to show their support in protecting Spring Creek from residential development.

“Community is a powerful instrument when it speaks up as one voice,” he said.

“The campaign to save Spring Creek for good is the culmination of 13 years of community effort. This is not a once-in-a lifetime opportunity but a now-or-never chance to create a permanent settlement boundary at Duffields Road.”

Mr Stockton believed that protecting the Spring Creek area would be a source of community pride in the future.

“Providing we all play our part, there will be cause to celebrate what we’ve achieved.”

Last week DELWP released a draft statement of Planning Policy as part of the Distinctive Area Landscape process, inviting community submissions on what they believe is the best course of action for the Spring Creek area west of Duffields Road over the next 50 years.

The general public have two options, one in support of ecological development and one in favour of retaining a natural landscape.

Mr Stockton said the bumper stickers were a reminder for the community to participate in the process and have their voice heard.

“For those who are against residential development in Spring Creek, west of Duffields Road, who want to register their voice but find the submissions process confusing can head to Protect Spring Creek FaceBook website,” he said.

Further information can be found at protectspringcreek.org.