Business growth through sport at the Geelong Racing Club

April 12, 2024 BY

Geelong Racing Club CEO, Luke Rayner will speak at the Business Growth Through Sport Event. Photo: BILLY HIGGINS.

Together with the Geelong Racing Club, Geelong Chamber of Commerce will host a ‘Business Growth Through Sport’ event on April 24.

The event is a chance for the business community to learn how they can leverage sport opportunities to grow their businesses and expand some of their brands.

Geelong Chamber of Commerce chief executive Jeremy Crawford said it’s important that business leaders and owners in Geelong are aware of some of the opportunities they can leverage to help grow their businesses through the power of sport.

“We’ve got a really collegiate community in Geelong and the participation in sport is ingrained into a lot of business activities,” he said.

Geelong Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive Jeremy Crawford. Photo: BILLY HIGGINS

“Whether it be through sponsorship or partnership, or opportunities for businesses to align and promote themselves through sport, it’s a really important part of our business fabric in Geelong.”

The informative day will include speeches from special guests Laura Johnston, Mark Neeld, Will Hartnell, and Luke Rayner who will speak about how to establish and grow strategic partnerships.

“The depth of the speaking program and the talent we are bringing to this particular event is really high level.

“I think to have so many key speakers on the same program, on the same day, at the same event, is a real opportunity for businesses to get some significant value.”

Mr Crawford said that by attending this event and hearing from some of the experts about what’s been successful and works well, attendees will be able to take that information back and implement some of those strategies into their own businesses.

This is the first time the event has been held and brings out topics that aren’t normally covered.

“For businesses, reaching out to sporting organisations and understanding the opportunities is often hard to do when you’ve got a business to run.

“It’s a really good time for us to bring out an opportunity that’s not particularly common but is really highly valued.”

The event will take place at the Geelong Racecourse from 12pm to 4pm with limited tickets.

For more information, head to: geelongchamber.com.au



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