City paves road to innovation

January 9, 2020 BY

Cr Eddy Kontelj at Purnell Road in Corio, where works are set to begin this week.

THREE sections of road in Geelong are set to undergo a forward-thinking transformation using a new form of asphalt made from recycled plastics.

The trial will see about 1,100 metres of road in Highton, Geelong and Corio covered in PlastiPhalt, diverting an estimated 3,500kg of plastic from landfill.

Produced at a Geelong plant by Fulton Hogan, PlastiPhalt is made up of plastics not commonly recycled.

The initial cost of installation is about 10 per cent higher than standard asphalt, but PlastiPhalt road tests have indicated that the product is more durable and offers a higher resistance to rutting (such as potholes) than its counterpart.

Cr Eddy Kontelj, chair of the city’s environment portfolio, said he hoped the community would share in his excitement about the trial.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Fulton Hogan on this innovative approach to achieving a tangible waste reuse solution.

“I’m also pleased the PlastiPhalt product doesn’t contain any microplastics that could cause pollution in our waterways.

“These are the type of initiatives I will continue advocating for in my new role as chair of the environmental portfolio in order to reduce our carbon footprint, have a positive impact on the environment and to invest further in recycled materials to build new, sustainable infrastructure in the future.”

The COGG uses 10 per cent Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP) in its asphalt products, while PlastiPhalt – which can also be reused as RAP in future new road surfaces – uses 20 per cent RAP in the mix.

Roslyn Road (Thornhill Road – South Valley Road, Highton), Moorabool Street (Kilgour Street – McKillop Street, Geelong) and Purnell Road (Princes Freeway – Teleta Crescent, Corio) are expected to be refurbished between January and March.