Coastal Dog Watch

December 17, 2020 BY

Wally taking rest on Lexi.

Name: Wally and Lexi
Age: 7 and 8
Breed: Wally is a kelpie, Lexi is a border collie x kelpie
Disposition: Wally: Classic high jumpin’, ball lovin’ Kelpie, Lexi: Aloof, akin to a cat
Nick names: Wally: Sexy Legs, Douglas, Doug Funston, Serge, Wallaper, Lexi: Sexi Lexi, Mary, fleximball
Spotted: In my email inbox
Rating: This is controversial. See below.

Two rescue dogs with very different personalities have taken out the top spot in this week’s Coastal Dog Watch, but this entry was not without controversy.

After five emails, a lengthy phone call and a little detective work, it was discovered only one dog was included in the original entry from owner Sandra. It was for a boisterous, very handsome and acrobatic kelpie named Wally.

Yet, as I trawled over the photos, I definitely noticed another dog present. Following a quick call with Sandra to clear things up, I discovered the other dog was none other than Wally’s step sister, Lexi.

I don’t want to accuse anyone of playing favourites – but I am going to do that right now, and here is my evidence: According to Sandra,”Wally does tricks, and she doesn’t do any tricks at all…. except bark. She barks at him while he does tricks.” And it gets juicier – Sexy Lexi was given a rating of 8/10, while Sexy Legs (Wally) was given a 9/10, which Sandra later revised to a 10/10 (!!!).

Here is what I know: Wally loves chocolate and doing twisty jumps. He can leap several metres over the coffee table and land in someone’s lap on the couch. He is loyal and according to Sandra, “a big sook for cuddles.” Comparatively, Lexi digs holes in the backyard, runs away at the beach, herds little fluffy dogs and ‘will not come back when called’. She would rather sit on the backdoor mat than be affectionate.

Honestly, I commend Lexi for her proud and independent nature, she marches to the beat of her own drum. Unfortunately, being a trailblazer is going to ruffle a few feathers. Wally is the centre half forward kicking the winning goal in the grand final. Lexi is the supremely talented midfielder that has been suspended from the team for getting on the gas the night before the game.

The reality is, both are going to write best selling books.

Most importantly, they are great mates and this family did a helluva thing adopting these two as a pair after noticing their bond at the rescue shelter.

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