Colac Otway wants GOR Authority’s HQ in Apollo Bay

January 2, 2019 BY

Colac Otway mayor Jason Schram says Apollo Bay is an ideal location for the authority to locate its head office.

THE Colac Otway Shire is lobbying the state government to consider creating a base for the new Great Ocean Road Authority at Apollo Bay.

Shire mayor Cr Jason Schram said the council had included the establishment of the authority’s head office in Apollo Bay on its priority project list and would be advocating to the state and federal governments.

“The new Great Ocean Road Authority will provide a single point of management for the coastal area along the length of the Great Ocean Road.

“Colac Otway had strongly advocated for the creation a single authority to manage the road and address the issues with having so many different agencies responsible for the road and coast.

“The new authority, announced by the state government as part of the Great Ocean Road Action Plan, will be the single body to make consistent decisions around development and regulations to protect the coast.”

He said Apollo Bay was a central point along the Great Ocean Road so would be an ideal location.

“Apollo Bay is easily accessible to all parts of the Great Ocean Road region and establishing a base at the Bay is a perfect opportunity for the decentralisation of a government authority.

“The authority’s head office would provide an economic boost for Colac Otway Shire through job creation and Apollo Bay offers easy access for those working at or visiting the Authority office.

“Apollo Bay and surrounding towns also offer great residential opportunities for those working at the Authority.”

Cr Schram said the shire planned to develop an investment prospectus to highlight the benefits and suitability of Apollo Bay.

“Council will also advocate to the appropriate state government departments and ministers and present Colac Otway’s case for Apollo Bay to become the site for the authority’s head office.”