Crime is down across the Greater Geelong region.

Crime rates fall

October 10, 2019 BY

RECENT data released shows crime rates in the Greater Geelong region have dropped significantly.

The Crime Statistics Agency’s data for the year leading up to June 30 shows a 6 per cent decrease in overall offence rates.

Minister for Police and Emergency Services and Bellarine MP Lisa Neville said she was thankful to the local police for their efforts in reducing crime.

“We’ll keep working with Victoria Police to ensure they have everything they need to keep our community safe.

“Our unprecedented $3 billion investment in Victoria Police is making a real difference and we will continue to give them the resources, technology and the equipment they need to crack down on crime.”

Among the most notable figures are that burglary/ break and enters have decreased by 21.3 per cent and that sexual assault offence rates have dropped by 34.5 per cent.

The data also shows that the Surf Coast Local Government Area’s (LGA) crime rates to be at their lowest since 2009.

Ocean Grove and Leopold also saw their crime rates drop to their lowest since 2014.

The state government’s 2019-20 budget includes $121 million to reduce dangerous driving, $4.7 million for drug crime intelligence, and $2.5 million for counter-terrorism and protective security training and security infrastructure.

Ms Neville said while the financial support was important, so was the dedication of the police.

“I’d like to thank our hardworking police – their ongoing dedication has seen another significant drop in crime in the Geelong and Bellarine areas.”