An early draft of Deans Marsh Festival Stand.

Deans Marsh Festival Stand moves closer to construction

May 21, 2020 BY

DEANS Marsh Festival Stand at Memorial Oval is a step closer to being built, with Geelong-based Ryan Thompson Architect recently being chosen to design the stand.

The $125,000 stand has been fully funded by the federal government’s Community Development Grants Programme.

In addition to becoming the main stage for the Deans Marsh Festival, many local groups are likely to profit from the stand.

Deans Marsh Cricket Club will be one of the beneficiaries and is managing the project through an 11-member working group.

The club’s secretary and one of the stand’s lead advocates Brendan Brown said the stand’s wide range of uses was evident by the number of community groups who have spoken favourably of it.

“We all love the Memorial Oval and want to use it more. We had overwhelming support from The Deans Marsh Festival, Sheep Dog Trials, OMM Rock Choir, Music at the Marsh, the local school, community cottage, reserve and hall.

“It’s been great to see how this project has progressed. Rather than predominantly being a shelter to support cricket activities, the initial proposal expanded to become a multi-purpose space for various uses such as an outdoor performance stage and picnic area.”

Mr Brown praised the community for their efforts shaping the project.

“Architects and engineers from our community generously contributed their expertise, local builders have expressed interest in taking on the construction, creating ownership of it too.

“It’s meaningful at this time during COVID-19 to be able to spend this money within our district. We applaud Surf Coast Shire council’s support for a community led project process.”

The Festival Stand was initially proposed through Council’s Community Project Development program.

Lorne Ward councillor Clive Goldsworthy praised locals for their advocacy of the stand.

“Council is pleased to support communities to achieve their goals.

“We look forward to seeing the festival stand take shape. It’s always great to see locals taking ownership of projects like this. Well done to all involved.”