Fisherman’s Beach matting improves accessibility

January 16, 2020 BY

THE Great Ocean Road Coast Committee are looking to help more people enjoy Fishermans Beach during the hot weather by laying down access matting across the sand.

The matting, installed by the Great Ocean Road Coastal Committee (GORCC), provides a stable pathway for people with crutches, walking sticks, wheelchairs, walking frames and prams to safely cross the softer sand.

It also looks to offer an alternative to people entering the beach from the boat ramp.

GORCC coastal reserves manager Caleb Hurrell he believed many people would benefit from the matting.
“We’re hopeful the matting will provide the public, particularly those who find it difficult to walk on the soft sand, an easier way to get to the beach, and ensure the safety of both beachgoers and boaters through the busy summer period.

“We’re planning to have the matting in place until the end of the Easter holiday period, with the plan to roll it out each year”.

The matting is placed next to the boat ramp and extends about 40 metres out towards the water.

Similar matting has also been placed on the beach at Lorne.