Foundation’s small grants make a big difference

January 21, 2021 BY

Sophie Moysey, who was a recipient of one of the Foundation's random acts of kindness, alongside trustee Alice Crichton. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

THE Awesome Foundation is aptly named with the charity funding $1000 grants each month to make a positive difference in Geelong’s community.

The Awesome Foundation is a worldwide charity with a small group of trustees including Alice Crichton, Pete Johnston, Elli Bagg, John Miles and Catherine Parkin, forming Geelong’s chapter.

Each chapter supports “awesome projects” by giving out micro-grants on a monthly basis.

Ms Crichton said forming and being part of the foundation, which began in 2019, was an extremely rewarding experience especially during a difficult 2020.

“We saw what was going on in Melbourne (their chapter’s work) and really wanted to do something to give back to community,” Ms Crichton said.

“We try to give to people who need it and will use it.”

Ms Crichton said a variety of people and projects had approached the chapter applying for an awesome grant, including a young boy who wanted to learn to be a DJ.

The boy’s successful application allowed him to buy the equipment and fuel his dream, while a primary-school aged girl received funding to buy basketball gear and join her friends on the court.

Ms Crichton said sometimes the smallest contributions can make the biggest difference.

Throughout last year’s lockdowns the charity adapted and performed random acts of kindness by giving away a bunch of flowers to nominated individuals in collaboration with Geelong Flower Farm and Orchid Café and Co.

“Hopefully it makes someone’s day,” Ms Crichton said. “The Geelong Awesome Foundation takes great pride in supporting community projects and helps gather community spirit.”

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