Free thermal imaging cameras for energy efficiency checks

November 19, 2023 BY

Nine thermal imaging cameras are available for residents to self-assess home energy efficiency. Photo: SUPPLIED.

THE Geelong Regional Library Corporation has made nine thermal imaging cameras available to residents to self-assess home energy efficiency.

The devices, offered at no charge, are designed to identify areas in homes that may benefit from energy improvements.

This includes detecting air leaks, water damage, and under-insulated portions of the building.

Thermal imaging cameras operate by detecting infrared radiation emitted by all objects, irrespective of their temperature.

By visualising temperature differences, they offer a unique insight into potential issues in building structures.

Using these cameras, residents have a proactive tool to unearth and address thermal inefficiencies in their homes, which can lead to more effective energy use and potential savings.

Heat loss is a significant factor in a building’s energy consumption.

Common culprits include air leaks through chimneys, wall vents, or poorly sealed doorways.

Addressing these can result in noticeable reductions in a home’s energy bills.

Choice product category manager Chris Barnes said improving your home’s thermal efficiency was a great way to reduce your household energy bills.

“But it takes a bit of practice to use a thermal camera effectively and to understand what the images are revealing.”

Anyone looking to borrow a thermal imaging camera should contact Torquay Library.

The cameras were funded by grants from both the Surf Coast Shire and the City of Greater Geelong.

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