Geelong livestock market report

February 5, 2016 BY

WITH a doubling in numbers at last week’s Geelong sale, 625 cattle were presented and saw values for bullocks five to 10 cents per kilogram cheaper with the top price realising $1,608.75 or 225.0 cents per kilogram for bullocks sold on account of T Pearle of Bannockburn.

Cows were also five to 10 cents cheaper selling to $1,453.50, which is still good value for those off-loading excess stock.

It may have been a very different story if the sale had been after the recent heavy rains that parts of our region received.

The storm event varied greatly with some areas missing out but others receiving up to 100mm.

Closer to Anglesea reported as little as 6mm, Bells Beach 10mm, Torquay 30mm, Connewarre varied from 30 to 40mm with Freshwater Creek receiving up to 100mm near the Blackgate and Anglesea Road area, with Blackgate Road being under water in several places.

Geelong and just to the north near Avalon reported anywhere from 50 to 100mm but parts of the Bellarine near Drysdale received substantially less.

Farmers who took the punt and sowed fodder crops after the previous rain event of around 10mm, are now seeing the benefits. There are some great rape and millet crops jumping out of the ground with existing stands of lucerne responding well to the rain.

All classes of veal were firm on last sales rates. Steer veal (milk) selling to 285.0 cents per kilogram Steer veal (grass)

selling to 290.0 cents per kilogram Heifer veal (milk)

selling to 280.0 cents per kilogram Heifer veal (grass)

selling to 282.0 cents per kilogram The yarding of 2,530 sheep and lambs saw values for sheep $5 to $6 per head dearer with two tooth $2 to $6 dearer and lambs $5 to $10 per head dearer.

Best prime lambs sold to $144 for a draft of 20 lambs sold on account of Elensan Agricultural of Balliang. OTHER QUOTATIONS: Two Tooth – $92 Cross Bred Ewes – $146 Merino Wethers – $85 Merino Ewes – $77