Geelonglivestock market report

February 26, 2016 BY

THIS week’s yarding of 386 cattle at Geelong saw values for young cattle 2 to 3 cents per kilogram dearer with the top price realising $1,710.27 or 279.0 cents per kilogram for steers sold on account of G McFadden of Bangammi.

There were a good number of heifers and cows presented, some were showing the signs of a tough season with the better quality cows selling firm to a top of $1,897.00.

All classes of veal were 2 to 5 cents per kilogram dearer on sales rate. Steer veal (milk)

Steer veal (grass) Heifer veal (milk) Heifer veal (grain) selling to 297.0 cents per kilogram selling to 290.0 cents per kilogram selling to 296.0 cents per kilogram Heifer veal (grass) selling to 278.0 cents per kilogram selling to 283.0 cents per kilogram Earlier in the day at Ballarat, agents penned a mixed quality offering of cattle with prices mainly staying around the levels of the previous week’s sale.

The Ballarat yarding comprised of 187 steers, 215 heifers, 126 cows and 51 bulls.

Prices for young cattle were mainly unchanged with quality vealers to processors making 270 to 310 cents per kilogram.

Grown steers sold from 250 to 265 cents per kilogram with grown heifers from 235 to 248 cents.

Cows were up to 5 cents per kilogram cheaper with best cows making 234 cents per kilogram.

The yarding of 1,805 sheep and lambs at Geelong saw values for sheep $3 to $5 per head dearer with two tooths up to $8 dearer.

Good lambs were firm with light lambs up to $6 per head dearer and best prime lambs sold to $145 for a draft of 10 lambs sold on account of D J Craig of Balliang. OTHER QUOTATIONS: Two Tooth – $115 Cross Bred Wethers – $119 Cross Bred Ewes – $100 Merino Ewes – $92

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