Change your mindset to change your life

May 12, 2022 BY

Genevieve Faulkner says our subconscious minds can sometimes be detrimental to what we desire our living experience to be.

HOW many conclusions do you have that limit you perceiving the different possibilities that are available to you?

Our subconscious minds can sometimes be detrimental to what we desire our living experience to be, because like a computer hard drive they can often store so much information that is no longer relevant to our lives.

Our minds will use the data we have stored in the form of suppressed thoughts, feelings and emotions to process new information through, but that can mean that you don’t necessary perceive every new possibility that you could choose.

Just like you would defrag a computer hard drive to make it work more efficiently, if you desire a greater living experience it can be a good idea to do the same thing for your mind.

Empowerment Coach Genevieve Faulkner offers several classes on the Surf Coast that can assist you to do just that. Access Bars is one of the classes she offers, which is a process of having 32 points on your head lightly touched. This can allow the suppressed thoughts, feelings and emotions you have stored to be released from your body. It has been shown to reduce anxiety and depression, as well as increases positivity, creativity and motivation.

“The great thing about it is that it can assist you to change any area of your life, because it puts the body into such a deep state of relaxation, which then allows a reset to occur,” Genevieve said.

“People have experienced all sorts of shifts both physically and emotionally from having Access Bars session or learning how to treat themselves.”

It can be particularly beneficial for people suffering OCD, or PTSD, or for those just desiring to connect more with themselves and get clarity on what to choose next.

For more information about the next Access Bars Class or the other classes Genevieve teaches, head to genevieve-faulkner.com.