Get your tree from the Grove Scouts

November 19, 2020 BY

The Ocean Grove Scout Group is looking forward to once again selling Christmas trees throughout December.

THE Ocean Grove Scout Group is preparing for its annual Christmas tree sale across the first two weekends of December.

The sale, with the first day of trade being on December 5, will be held at Ocean Grove Park.

This year they will also be selling trees from the Gateway Plaza carpark in Leopold across both weekend days. The Ocean Grove Park will be selling trees only on the Saturday.

Christmas tree prices start at $55 for trees up to six feet tall and then increase in price by $5 per foot from there.

The Christmas tree sale is the scout group’s major fundraiser for the year, which provides the Joey, Cub and Scout members the opportunity to participate in a range of fun and exciting activities throughout the year.

There are several options when it comes to purchasing your tree this year.

Trees can be hand-selected and picked up on the spot, or there is also a delivery option for a small fee. Trees can also be ordered online at to be either picked up or delivered.

The Ocean Grove Scout Group also offers a pick-up service after Christmas to recycle your tree. Simply register for the pick-up service either at the Ocean Grove Park, the Gateway Plaza or online. Then leave your tree out for collection on Saturday, January 9, 2021 – a flat fee of $10 will cover pick-up and recycling of your tree.

The Ocean Grove Scout Group thanked the community for their continued support and said it was looking forward to another festive season with their customers and community partners.