GT Alliance says it won’t compromise on Spring Creek

January 9, 2021 BY

Option 2 in the SPP, as seen here, rules out development in Torquay's Spring Creek valley west of Duffields Road.

THE Greater Torquay Alliance has rejected suggestions it is trying to make some sort of deal behind closed doors with those seeking to develop the Spring Creek valley.

As reported by this newspaper on Thursday, representatives of Parklea and Okeland Communities have been corresponding with GT Alliance secretary Darren Noyes-Brown, with the aim of having a meeting in Torquay this year “sometime outside the Christmas rush”.

Yesterday, Mr Noyes-Brown said the Torquay-based community group remained firm in its support of Option 2 in the draft Surf Coast Statement of Planning Policy (SPP), which is now open for public feedback.

“There’s a perception in the community with the headline (“GT Alliance open to meeting with Spring Creek developers“) that means we’re open to doing some sort of compromise deal with the developers of Spring Creek.

“We’re happy to listen to anyone, but we’re not going to make promises on the spot and we’re definitely not talking about compromise, but we’re interested in what they have to say.”

He said the stance of the parties on both sides of the argument was clear, but the GT Alliance could get a deeper understanding of the developers at a meeting “depending on what they’ve got to present to us”.

As reported on Thursday, GT Alliance has requested Parkland and Okeland Communities outline a list of topics they would like to discuss ahead of the meeting, but Mr Noyes-Brown said they had not yet done so.

“I’ve asked them twice ‘What’s the agenda of the meeting, what’s the purpose?’ and they can’t tell us.”

To download the draft Surf Coast SPP, as well as more information about the Surf Coast Distinctive Area and Landscape process, head to