Participants learn about Swan Bay in a Summer by the Sea session.

Hundreds have a fun Summer by the Sea

February 6, 2019 BY

MORE than 1,900 people took part in Summer by the Sea along the region’s coastline this year.

Participants snorkelled, dived, surfed, paddled and strolled through the program, learning about the coastal and marine environments in the region.

“Summer by the Sea plays such an important role in educating Victorians about the state’s fragile coastal environments,” Coastcare Victoria coordinator Bec Cross said

“There were around 108 free activities throughout the region during this year’s program, which ran from January 2 until January 26.”

She said this year’s top three favourite activities among participants in the Barwon South West Region were:
• Discovering life in the intertidal zone in rockpool rambles
• Snorkelling among the underwater marine ecosystems, and
• Learning about the coastal bush tucker around the region’s beaches.

“A highlight this year was working with multicultural support organisations in the region to give people from different backgrounds an opportunity to experience the coast and learn more about their local environment.

“Summer by the Sea wouldn’t be able to run without the fantastic volunteers and organisations who support and host events across the region.

“The knowledge and experience activity leaders share about Victoria’s unique coastal and marine environments, and their passion to educate others, inspires the next generation of coastal stewards to protect the coast.”

She said caring for coastal areas was an ongoing job, and encouraged anyone who was interested in volunteering to contact Coastcare Victoria to find out more about the volunteer groups and opportunities in their area.

“We’re all looking forward to returning for another great year in 2020 and providing more exciting opportunities for Victorians who love the coast.”

Summer by the Sea is delivered by Coastcare Victoria in partnership with Parks Victoria, and supported by Fishcare Victoria and various land managers, volunteers and community groups.