A still from The Unlit.

Kate Whitbread to light up Lorne Film fest

July 17, 2019 BY

AUSTRALIAN producer and director Kate Whitbread will host an exclusive special effects seminar at this year’s Lorne Film festival.

Having shot her most recent work, The Unlit, in the iconic coastal town over 15 days, Kate said she’s excited to give thanks to those who supported her vision throughout the creative journey.

“We really wanted to take the film back to that area to thank the people for their support,” Kate said.

“The film shines a different light on the area – it’s not that beachy, coasty thing. It’s much darker than that. They’ll (attendees to the seminar) be getting a work in progress screening.”

Despite targeting a female audience, the “supernatural drama” boasts a mixed gender cast with a female witch as the protagonist.

Coming off the back of a sports film which was “male driven” inspired Kate to explore concepts of self-discovery, fate and destiny through a strong female lead.

“Women like to watch shows that are a bit darker. I love stories about people discovering things about their family. The Unlit is about family drama as Claire is searching for who she is.

“She goes back to her family home and realises there’s been a longline of witches before her. The film’s about choice. It examines fate, destiny and how if your life is ruled by that, it will determine the paths you go on.”

Kate said it was important to her to create a heroine that was defiant in a genre not typically explored by Australian filmmakers.

“Claire is a strong, independent woman. She’s no shrinking violet when she comes up against things that are a bit confronting.

“It’s almost a depiction of how women want to operate. In media and film, we come across as much weaker than we are.

“The film is a drama with supernatural elements. It’s an interesting genre to work in as it’s something that hasn’t been explored a lot.”

Kate worked alongside screenwriter Darren Markey to bring The Unlit to life.

While filming has wrapped, Brisbane-based special effects company Serve Chilled is currently in the process of mastering the film’s special effects.

“I believed in the product so much I knew we would get another company on board,” Kate said.

“I’m so passionate about independent film that I want to show people that special effects are still possible on a low budget. Don’t wipe it off your radar.”

The special effects seminar and the part-screening of The Unlit will take place on Saturday July 27 from 5pm at the Lorne Theatre. Tickets are $20 per person.

For tickets, visit eventbrite.com.au.