Loyal community servant Ken Munro passes away

May 7, 2020 BY

Ken Munro

FORMER Torquay Golf Club captain and Toruqay SLSC president Kenneth Munro passed away peacefully on Friday, May 1, aged 81.

Mr Munro was a central figure in the Torquay community well before he even moved to the township.

His good friend Peter Orwin said they got to know each other through a mutual love of the area.

“I first met Ken in the caravan park almost 50 years ago. We were visitors from Melbourne staying on the caravan park land, we had permanent sites there. So, our friendship started with our families growing up together.”

Mr Munro and Mr Orwin would both see their sons grow up to compete in surfing competitions at Torquay SLSC, and before long the two became involved themselves.

Mr Orwin said people quickly got to know their he and Mr Munro’s faces along Victoria’s coast.

“We, along with some other parents of the day, used to go to all the carnivals and we were known around Victoria as ‘Dad’s Army’.”

Mr Munro would serve Torquay SLSC as secretary, ski captain and tour manager. He would then become president of the club soon after he moved to Torquay with his wife Lyn in 1991.

Former club treasurer Lindsay Newstead described Mr Munro as “a great friend. A really nice and loveable guy.”

He said Mr Munro was already so involved in the community so easily made Torquay his home.

“He decided he liked Torquay so much he moved down to Torquay. He made lots of friends in Torquay and was well-liked in the club and in the area.”

His involvement in Torquay Golf Club was similarly profound to that at Torquay SLSC.

Mr Munro was club captain from 2005-07. This was a key period for the club as Mr Munro worked with then club president Ken McCallum in making arrangements for the club’s partnership with RACV.

Incumbent Torquay Golf Club president Greg Libbis said during the 30 years he spent as a member, Mr Munro was unfailingly dedicated to the club and its people.

“He’s helped out in pro-ams, he’s been involved in a lot of fundraising events for the Torquay Golf Club, helped with various trips to other clubs. If we wanted a trophy made, Ken would be the first one to put his hand up to make it. He was always very good with his hands and his general maintenance work. He has been a very good worker for the club over the years.

“He had a kind heart and he would do anything for you. He was always helping out his mates.”

Brad Papworth also said Mr Munro was incredibly devoted to his friends.

“He was a genuine bloke. He stuck by his mates.

“Everything he got involved in, he put in; there was no half-measures.”