Library keeps locals reading during lockdown

May 7, 2020 BY

Simone Marshall next to the library on Ocean Boulevard.

ON OCEAN Boulevard in Jan Juc stands a library that has helped connect the community while encouraging social distancing.

Jan Juc local Simone Marshall had the idea of starting a community library for some time, but public libraries shutting because of the coronavirus was the push she needed.

She shared her idea with a friend whose father happened to be a furniture maker. The father embraced the idea and constructed the library for Ms Marshall.

Ms Marshall said the library’s design has aided its popularity.

“It looks really nice. I think that has been a draw.”

She said she had been amazed how the community has responded enthusiastically to the idea by both borrowing books and donating new ones.

“I can’t believe how popular it is. I’ve been super happy with how much of a hit it has been.

“I don’t think that a single book that is in the library is one of the original ones.”

She said people have also used it to keep their children reading.

“It has been way more popular than I thought it would be for kids.”

Ms Marshall has also ensured that from the start the library has included hand wipes and sanitizer to minimise the risk of infection.

People do not need to donate a book to borrow – all that is asked is that they either return a borrowed book or pass it on to someone else when they have finished it.

Plenty of people have happily donated but having an excess of books is not a problem, as Ms Marshall is happy to store books when the library is over capacity.