Little hoping to bring big passion to presidency

December 3, 2020 BY

Mark Little on his Bellbrae property, he is hoping to become president of Master Builders Association of Victoria. Photo: DANIEL SHORT

Bellbrae builder Mark Little is putting his hand up to be president of Master Builders Association of Victoria.

It doesn’t take long for Little’s passion for his industry to shine through. A walk around his Bellbrae home, where he is putting in a deck out the back, only a stone’s throw away from his cows in the side paddock as the dog comes striding in from the backyard. It’s clear to see Little has the experience and know-how of a Master Builder, but also has his finger on the regional pulse.

Little has been involved with Master Builders for more than 20 years and has relished his role as Chair of the Country Group Sector over the last two years.

If Little is to be successful he will become the first ever regionally-based president, which is something he hopes can allow him to offer great advice and leadership but also a relatable touch to so many builders out there.

“I know firsthand what it’s like to be at the coal face… starting from the ground up, its bloody tough,” Little said.

“I can relate to a lot of the members, taking nothing away from previous presidents, I think I can relate really well.

“Once you get registered, you quickly realise it’s not about building houses, it’s about building relationships.”

Interestingly, Little has not always had his sights set on becoming president, rather it is something that has developed recently as he looks to represent his peers.

What appeals to him most is the ability to help other builders through their journey, providing guidance along a path that he has well travelled.

“You all make mistakes and you grow, if I can help someone else not go through the stress that I’ve been through and help the industry, and the consumer, then everyone wins.

“You never really earmark yourself for something like this, but it came apparent over the last 4-6 months… I just wanted to represent my peers, I think I can offer some great value.”

Little will find out if he has been successful in the early stages of December.