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May 20, 2024 BY

Lyndon Russell launched his book at Salty Dog Cafe on May 14. Photos: PETER MARSHALL

COMMUNITY members gathered at Salty Dog café on Tuesday morning (May 14) to celebrate and support Torquay author Lyndon Russel as he launched his inaugural book, which quickly became one of Amazons best sellers.

Know Your Numbers is a book designed to help readers, particularly in the trades and construction business grow a successful career by knowing what numbers matter.

In a discussion with Shaun O’Callaghan at the launch, Mr Russell shared the two numbers all business owners should know and understand, their gross profit margin and their daily revenue.


Know Your Numbers quickly became one of Amazon’s number one sellers in the self-employment and project management categories.


Mr Russell said he was “stoked” with how well the book had sold, not quite able to believe how quickly it rose to a number one best seller with Amazon, in the self-employment and project management categories.

The author drew his inspiration from wanting to help as many trades and construction business owners as possible, using his two decades of experience in accounting and tax he has spent the past two years compiling that knowledge.

“I’ve seen probably eight out of 10 trades businesses struggle financially, statistics say they pay themselves less than the average wage and don’t make the profit they should be making,” he said.

“I’ve got a fantastic message to communicate to trades and business owners, they should be at a minimum paying themselves $2,500 per week and their business should be designed to make 10 per cent profit.”

The book is designed to help people grow a successful business by knowing their numbers.


Throughout the writing process, Mr Russell sought the help of a writing coach who helped him organise, plan and execute the book.

“It feels amazing to be a published author, it does feel like a sense of personal achievement and reward for the effort, and I love the fact this book is out there for all to read, enjoy, debate, challenge and question.

“I think it’s been a great example for my kids as well to see their father write a book, and that book’s out there for sale, that leads a bit of a legacy as well.”

Mr Russel said if readers took one or two things from the book that helped their business, he would feel the book had done a good job in improving the community.

Know Your Numbers can be purchased from the Torquay Book Store or online at amazon.com.au

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