Local emergency services remember fallen officers

May 7, 2020 BY

Emergency services honour the fallen officers at Torquay Fire Brigade.

TORQUAY firefighters, police officers and ambulance workers gathered at Torquay’s fire station last week to pay their respects to four police officers who died in a collision on the Eastern Freeway.

At 5.40pm on April 29, the brigade’s siren sounded four times – once for each of the fallen officers – as members of the different emergency services stood together in solidarity.

Torquay Fire Brigade captain Phil Campbell said he and his family appreciated the opportunity to honour their fellow emergency services workers.

“There’s four of us in my family that are all from the CFA. I had a phone call from my catchment officer asking if we could participate, and we all thought it was a good idea.

“We (the different emergency services) all work as one when we have to, so it’s a mark of respect for them.”

Dozens of CFAs across the state paid their respects in similar ways on Wednesday evening.

The Police Association Victoria thanked the various CFAs for the gesture on their Facebook page.

“We thank our firefighter friends for their support. In emergency services, we are one big family and we stand together.”

Victorian Police chief commissioner Graham Ashton said people had responded to the tragedy with compassion.

“Time and time again, I am overwhelmed by how our people rally together during the tough and challenging times.

“The outpouring of community support to date has been truly remarkable and touching and on behalf of Victoria Police, I thank you for this.”

The Police Association Victoria is asking people to donate to help support the families of the four officers.

People can donate by heading to tpav.org.au/about/police-remembrance/police-legacy.