Lorne family lit up after Olympic torch moment

July 30, 2021 BY

Sunny and Dusty standing with the Olympic Torch. Photo: SUPPLIED

A LORNE family has experienced a rare opportunity holding this year’s Olympic torch in the lead-up to the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Shortly before the games commenced, Christopher Lane and his family were lucky enough to witness the relay of the Olympic flame in the city of Nagano on its way to the nation’s capital.

Mr Lane’s children, Sunny and Dusty, held the Olympic torch, which Mr Lane said was a “super cool” moment.

“They were flying the flags everywhere and they were still positive about the Olympics, which was advertised throughout the place even though some people didn’t think it was a good idea,” Mr Lane said.

“We love it over there; it is so much fun.

“The culture and the people themselves are just genuine.”

Mr Lane, who owns a snow lodge in Niigata named Drifter Myoko, and his wife Amy along with their two children travelled overseas to renew Mr Lane’s business visa, allowing the family to holiday in Japan between December of last year through to May.

Mrs Lane is a school teacher and both boys attend Lorne P-12 College.

Despite COVID-19 being very prevalent in Japan at the time, Mr Lane said it was “business as usual over there”.

“The Japanese people, they keep their distance anyways and they have always worn facemasks in the 10 years I have been going.

“Over there it is just common courtesy to wear a facemask,” Mr Lane said.

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