Footage of the culprit was captured on the store's security cameras.

LOW BLOW: Thief breaks into Bomboras Torquay

April 3, 2020 BY

A TORQUAY restaurant was broken into last night by an unknown individual.

At about 1.45am this morning (Friday, April 3), a masked person kicked in the back door of Bomboras Torquay on the Esplanade.

The store has not been taking cash to stop the spread of coronavirus, meaning all the thief could purloin was the tip jar’s contents.

Co-owner of the restaurant Tom McGrath said this jar would likely have contained about $400-500.

“It was a big jar full of coins, but the damage they caused getting in will likely cost more than what they took.

“The annoying part was that we use the tips to go towards the staff party every six months or so, but that’s alright, we’ll still have our staff party.”

From the footage on the security cameras, which Bomboras Torquay have now handed over to local police, it appears the thief parked near the restaurant in a black hatchback prior to breaking in.

Mr McGrath said it was particularly disappointing for the incident to occur at a time of unprecedented challenge within the hospitality industry.

“It was a bit low, but obviously if there’s someone that decides they’re going to break into places, they don’t really care if you’re doing well or doing bad.”

Bomboras Torquay is offering free coffee for a year to anyone who provides details that leads them to the culprit.

Anyone with information should contact Torquay Police or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.