Linda Cherubin sporting her VICSES orange on Mother’s Day (Sunday May 12).

Mums pave the way at VICSES

May 15, 2019 BY

LINDA Cherubin is a life member of the Victoria State Emergency Service (VICSES) Torquay Unit. The mother of three – among many other working mums – spent time away from her family on Mother’s Day to help the community.

Working as a VICSES volunteer for more than two decades, Linda has a wealth of experience in emergency services having previously served as Deputy Unit Controller.

Linda is best known for her heroic involvement in the rescue of a young man after he became trapped in a landslide at Jan Juc beach in November 2001.

Along with her rescue team, Linda was awarded a Group Bravery Citation at Government House.

Torquay Deputy Controller Melanie Gill said Linda was a fantastic asset to the organisation.

“Linda is such a light to the unit, her genuine care and concern for her community is what drivers her and it’s evident in her work with the Torquay Unit. We’re lucky to have her,” she said.

Linda – who now works as the unit’s Work Health and Safety Officer and runs her own business – says signing up for the VICSES was one of the best decisions she’s ever made.

“Volunteering with VICSES has been a fantastic experience; I love the physicality of the work. For me, it changes my daily routine from mother and businesswoman, to something bigger, to an emergency first responder,” she said.

The hardworking volunteer credits her career with VICSES to her late mother, Julie Copper.

Julie was the first elected female councillor and mayor of the former City of Moorabbin. Julie was also a key driver in the establishment of the VICSES Moorabbin Unit.

“In giving back to the community with VICSES, I’m reminded of my mum and hope that she would be proud of me today. I also hope that I’m setting an example for my kids, and that they are also proud of me,” Linda said.