John Riddiford

New CEO for CCMA

September 12, 2019 BY

A LOCAL catchment management authority has recently named a new chief executive officer (CEO).

The Corangamite Catchment Management Authority (CCMA) has announced John Riddiford will fill the position vacated by Graham Phelps.

Mr Riddiford has been in the position in an interim basis for the last few months.

He said that having interacted with the CCMA in different capacities over the years, he was pleased to now be at its head.

“I initially came to Corangamite CMA in an interim capacity but having spent more time in the region working with partners and the community I could see an exciting future.

“I am confident I can provide the strategic leadership required to help us achieve positive results.”

Mr Riddiford’s previous role was as Vic Catchments’ executive officer.

His past roles also include a 14-year stint as North East Catchment Management Authority CEO, and senior positions in the International Water Association and the Australian Water Partnership.

CCMA chair Alice Knight said she thought Mr Riddiford’s experience made him a great choice for the role.

“John has a proven track record of leading high-performing teams and delivering positive outcomes for the community.

“We are excited for John to be leading us through our next phase as we deliver on our state and federal government funded projects and develop our Regional Catchment Strategy.”