Our Village need donations as warehouse empties

June 18, 2024 BY

What are usually bins full of donations are now empty at Geelong's Our Village. Photo: ABBY PARDEW

VOLUNTEERS from local charity Our Village (previously Geelong Mums) are calling for donations as their warehouse starts to empty.

Our Village partner with social services and maternal and child health nurses to provide essential supplies to vulnerable families, including

clothing packages.

Our Village volunteer and operations manager Jacquie Fugiel said they’re working with limited resources and need more of everything.

“We don’t really know what’s coming in the door and what’s going out at any given time, every day is different.

“But coming into winter in particular, it’s things like kids’ coats from size one to 16, they go out with every clothing pack, and the clothing packs are probably one of the biggest things we get requested.”

Our Village volunteers Jane and Wendy. Photo: ABBY PARDEW


Along with clothing donations, bigger items including cots, car seats and prams are also required.

“We call our prams freedom machines because it means that families aren’t isolated, they can catch public transport, go to the park, take their kids to the appointment, go to the supermarket.”

Donations to the normally overflowing warehouse started to slow down towards the end of February.

An increase in demand for the service and less donations can be blamed for the shortages, with the cost-of-living crisis believed to be the cause.

The local charity is calling for more donations as their shelves are getting emptier. Photo: ABBY PARDEW


“I think families are rethinking how long they hold onto something for,” Ms Fugiel said.

“Rather than kind of just going ‘They’ve nearly outgrown something, I might go and buy something new’, families just don’t have that same disposable income they used to.”

Ms Fugiel said she’s never seen the warehouse this empty for such an extended period of time.

June is also the launch of the charities Tax Time Appeal, where financial donations allow them to continue providing their services to the community.

Goods can be donated at the Our Village Warehouse in South Geelong between 9am and 3pm Monday to Friday. Financial donations can be made online anytime.

For more information, including the full list of required items, head to ourvillage.org.au

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