Pop-up objectors invited to meeting

February 26, 2016 BY

THE Surf Coast Shire is convening a meeting for people who are objecting to Torquay’s new pop-up food venues.

The planning permits for the Daily Food Co’s van in Zeally Bay Road and Esta Costilla in Cliff Street sparked objections from some Torquay traders last year.

The council has also received a petition, signed by 18 business owners and residents, which is objecting on grounds including that pop-up vans diminish the character of the town centre, will use car parking otherwise available for permanent businesses, are detrimental to economic well-being of traders, and various health and amenity concerns. The petition also calls for a 500-metre exclusion zone to be applied for pop-up vans around existing businesses.

At their meeting on Tuesday, several councillors spoke in favour of the pop-up vans, and as there have been several questions relating to planning issues, resolved to invite the petitions to a meeting to further explain the shire’s planning scheme and provisions relating to pop-up vans under the Planning and Environment Act 1987.

Cr David Bell said that as both properties were planning permit was not required to use the land for a retail premises such as a pop-up food van.

“I have no problems with the pop-up food vans; I think they add a certain entertainment value and diversity to the town.

“I commend the people who have the foresight and ability to go out and do it.”

Cr Brian McKiterick said bringing on board other retailers in regards to pop-up vans more generally by holding a meeting was “probably a good idea”.

“I think they bring vibrancy to that area near Gilbert Street and Cliff Street, which is somewhere we’re trying to get more people back into.”

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