Rural Health Commissioner becomes permanent

June 25, 2020 BY

VICTORIAN Liberal Senator Sarah Henderson has welcomed the establishment of a permanent Office of the National Rural Health Commissioner, with Parliament supporting the legislation this week.
Ms Henderson said continuing and strengthening the office would help deliver the government’s key reforms and targeted rural health priorities to support practical change for communities.
“Our Coalition Government is passionate about ensuring rural Australians enjoy equitable access to our nation’s world-class health system.
“That’s why we established the office of National Rural Health Commissioner back in 2017 and why we today stand proudly beside our commitment to rural Australians with an ongoing office.
“More than just continuing, we are strengthening the Office by broadening its scope and implementing Deputy Commissioners to provide specific advice on rural allied health, nursing, and Indigenous health.
“No two rural communities are the same, which is why innovative and flexible models are needed to solve the complex challenges many face.
“I am excited about the future of the office, what it means for people in the bush, it is very pleasing to see Parliament provide it urgent passage.”
Regional Health Minister Coulton said the office joins other successful programs within the government’s package of rural health reforms.
“We have delivered the $550 million Stronger Rural Health Strategy, which encompasses a suite of measures specifically designed to overcome the many challenges faced by rural communities in trying to attract medical and health professionals.”
The expanded office, under Emeritus Professor Paul Worley, will begin its operations on July 1.