Same grind, new location

May 20, 2024 BY

Ocean Grind staff Eliza Trounce, Rachael Fergusson and Abbey Geddes with owner Mark Clatworthy. Photo: VINNIE VAN OORSCHOT

LOCAL coffee roaster Ocean Grind is heading down the road, moving into a new space after almost a decade, but still continuing its caffeinated service to the Torquay area.

Ocean Grind owner Mark Clatworthy said the business moved into its new location last Thursday at 2 Sawmills Way in Torquay North’s industrial area, just down the road from its old location which it operated out of for eight years at 10b Sawmills Way.

While the move was emotional for Mr Clatworthy, he says the new space will provide new avenues of how to increase the business’ operations efficiency.


Ocean Grind owner Mark Clatworthy joined by staff Kate Thomas, Eliza Trounce, Rachael Fergusson, Sarah Voss and Abbey Geddes. Photo: VINNIE VAN OORSCHOT


“Once I started packing down the old location and the place started emptying, it sort of brought me back to when we first moved in,” Mr Clatworthy said.

“Apart from the garage, it was the only place we’d been in as a business. The little blue roaster we have was the first thing in that building and I think it will be the last thing out.

“It felt emotional, but the silver lining is this fresh new space.”


Mark Clatworthy by the Ocean Grind roaster.


Ocean Grind’s move comes after the building’s owners, Zeally Bay Sourdough, decided to expand.

Mr Clatworthy described the move as he start of a new chapter for Ocean Grind.

A major focus for the business moving forward will involve improving the customer experience, with talks of taste testings, barista workshops and special training sessions being a potential addition to the location’s operations.

“We see the move as a good chance to refresh things and look at other ways to improve the business that we’ve wanted to implement for a while,” Mr Clatworthy said.


Ocean Grind is already in operation at 2 Sawmills Way.


“It’s been busy planning the move in stages because there’s different sides to the businesses, such as wholesale, roastery, and the café itself, but we have a few things left in the old place still to bring over.”

Mr Clatworthy believes the business itself has reached a state health-wise not experienced since before the pandemic, if not better.

“The hub out here is only getting bigger as well.

“There’s more warehouses being built across the road and around the corner, so I think it’ll get even busier moving forward and we welcome anyone to drop in.”

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