Say Hello day gets A list support

November 26, 2020 BY

Keep your eyes peeled for a random act of kindness from event organisers

Hello Surf Coast Day is gaining momentum with community members and celebrities sending in videos saying ‘hello’ which have been shared on their socials, alongside other creative promotional ideas.

The inclusive initiative is encouraging people to say hello to their neighbor on December 4th at 6:00pm with a cup of tea or glass of wine to promote community connection.

The came to be following a partnership between several community minded groups: The Surf Coast Angels, Community House and Feed Me Surf Coast.
According to one of the event organisers and Surfcoast Angel, Nicole Dickmann, the team has been pooling their resources to spread the word.

“Feed Me Surf Coast has been sending out a whole bunch of deliveries across town in random acts of kindness, things like hampers and flowers, with a Hello Surf Coast Day flyer a nd a little note saying you’ve been selected to be a street champion,’ she said.

“They have done a couple of hundred of these deliveries. We are hoping epople who get the gift and dont know aout the day will research it to find out what it’s all about.

The Hello Surf Coast day is also alight with shout-outs from local business owners and celebrities.

In Flow Wellness, Tribe Skincare and Samesyn restaurant have all shared videos to promote the event.

Big time celebrities and influences like Xavier Rudd, Survivor contestant Sharn Coombes and Lola Berry all sent in videos, with Ms Coombes commenting how important ‘that village feel is’.

The most impressive video however. was undeniably sent in by local group, The Surf Coast Roller Skaters saying ‘hello’ with an impressive display of finesse and grace.

Follow the exciting community adventure online:, on Facebook: and on Instagtam: @hellosurfcoast

Keep your eyes peeled for a random act of kindness from event organisers