Scouting ahead

January 9, 2020 BY

THE 1st Torquay Scout Group will use a Surf Coast Shire council grant to aid in the purchase of camping equipment.

Torquay Scouts president Desley McKnight said the great increase in members the Torquay Scouts was enjoying meant they needed the resources to sustain their growth.

“We’re booming at the moment. I’m getting heaps of inquiries, so we really need the extra equipment.

“We’ve got two sections now that go camping: Venturers (15-17 years-old) and Scouts (11-14 years-old), and if they both go at the same time we don’t have near enough camping equipment for both groups.”
Not being able to take both groups camping at the same time makes organising and running camping trips far more challenging and time-consuming for the people that run the groups.

The $2,695 grant will help purchase both tents and cooking equipment.

Ms McKnight said she was thankful for the support of the committee during such a busy time.

“We have got a really good committee behind us and they have been really keen and eager to get us this equipment.”

In 2008, the 1st Torquay Scout Group had only 15 members. They now have about five times that amount.