Selling in style

August 7, 2019 BY



A lifestyle property purchase is an emotional decision.


People generally buy coastal property to enhance their lifestyle. They are emotional decisions and first impressions will usually decide whether they like the property or not. When looking to sell, you have opportunities to enhance the emotional appeal that will entice the buyers.  The first opportunity occurs at an external viewing of the property which may or may not lead to the second opportunity – the inspection. There is a great deal that you can do to lead prospective buyers from viewing, to inspection, to offer.

However, most prospective purchasers, if they are at the stage of making an appointment to inspect, have already formed some attachment to the property by viewing it externally and making the call. Therefore, when they inspect the property they are looking at two things: what is right with the property, and what is wrong with it.

Preparing for external viewing

When a prospective buyer drives past your property or views it on the internet, will he or she get an impression of care, or perhaps of neglect? What can you do to trigger the desire for a full inspection? Are there visible factors that might lead a prospective purchaser to think that the property needs some work?

Outdoor entertaining area

Big visual surfaces are usually what catch the eye first. Is the paint peeling and chipped? To repair and paint it can be a very effective and low cost means of enhancing first impressions of your property. Aim for a clean, spacious and inviting feel.


A well-maintained garden not only provides instant and eye-catching appeal but also suggests the degree of care with which the whole property has been tended. A neglected garden, a rundown fence, can trigger negative responses, discouraging potential buyers from investigating any further.

Roofing, downpipes and external paintwork

Again, do they send a clear message of good maintenance to onlookers or might they suggest a general lack of TLC? There are often low-cost ways of creating impressive visual improvements.

The benefits of professional property stylists

Buyers are willing to pay more – sometimes significantly more – for a property packed with visual appeal. A professional stylist can devise a suitable strategy for your property to maximise space and light while best staging your property for marketing photos and open for inspections.

At Great Ocean Properties, we pride ourselves on providing a VIP service advising, co-ordinating and overseeing our pre-sales team on the best ways to present your home or investment property.

For more tips on presenting your home for sale or pre-sale advice, phone Jess Nowson at Great Ocean Properties on 0419 696 896 or email [email protected].