You can depend on Shaun to know the score

April 15, 2021 BY

THERE are footy fanatics and then there is Shaun Jervies.

“My brother’s friends used to always message me and ask ‘who won the local footy?’,” Jervies told the Times.

“There was just no way of giving updates to everyone all the time so I would post them on his Facebook page.”

As the posts became more popular, Jervies decided he needed to scale, so he launched a Facebook group.

The ‘Local Footy Scores’ group was created on April 1, 2011, and recently accepted its 6,400th member.

A multitasking guru, he is usually listening to multiple games at the same time.

“I have my CD player on, my phone on, my laptop on and my desktop computer,” he said.

“I have one for GFL, one for Bellarine and one for GDFL and put it all onto my computer at the end of every quarter.

“And if the AFL is on at the same time, I watch that on my TV too,” Jervies added.

During the season, he covers the senior football and puts the reserves scores up at the end of the round.

“And when it comes to finals time, I add the juniors scores to the page as well,” he said.

This year marks 10 years since he started posting the local footy scores.

According to Jervies, a highlight of the journey was when the Geelong Times got in touch and asked if they could be a sponsor of the page.

“It’s gone gangbusters since,” he said.

“Bigger and better things are to come; it’s been an amazing journey.”

Jervies only has one helper, Craig Hatton, who is part of the Corio Football Club and an admin for the page.

“I’m obsessed with the game something shocking, it’s bad. I’m surprised my wife is still with me,” he joked.

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