SKM declared insolvent as waste saga grips shire

August 8, 2019 BY

The familiar red, yellow and green bins at homes in the Surf Coast Shire will be joined by a fourth bin, and in some cases a fifth bin.

RECYCLING in the shire remains at a standstill, with SKM Recycling officially ceasing operation at all of its sites.

The Supreme Court of Victoria declared the waste giant insolvent last Friday as the company was unable to identify a solution to its financial burdens.

Since July 26, recycling waste from dwellings across the Surf Coast Shire has been dumped in the Anglesea landfill – a contentious move that has caused outrage from outspoken ratepayers.

But despite public disapproval, shire officials confirmed this practice will continue until council lands on a resolution.

The shire’s general manager of governance and infrastructure Anne Howard said all plausible ideas are being discussed between councillors.

“Council knows that the community will be discouraged by this news and is working closely with other G21 Councils and the Barwon South West Waste and Resource Recovery Group on alternatives,” Ms Howard said.

“We are encouraged by the businesses in the region that want to help. All possibilities are being explored, we just don’t have an answer yet.”

Up to half a cubic metre of sorted materials including separated paper, cardboard and metals will be accepted for free at waste drop-off points in Anglesea, Lorne and Winchelsea.

Council said it is investigating temporary alternatives for communities without a nearby station.

Residents who can’t access a transfer station should continue to sort recyclables into kerbside bins as usual, the shire recommended.

“Obviously this is a poor outcome for the environment in the short term. We also know people are worried about the cost of taking recyclables to landfill because it’s more expensive,” Ms Howard said.

Council will not reveal the expense of diverting waste to landfill at this time.

“We continue to urge people to reduce waste where possible. Be mindful when you shop and minimise the waste you take home,” Ms Howard said.

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