Spending two years at kinder

June 22, 2024 BY

Helen M Kininmonth is encouraging more applications for their three-year-old kinder program. Photo: SUPPLIED

HELEN M Kininmonth Preschool are calling for applicants in their three-year-old program for 2025, highlighting the importance of two years at kinder.

The Surf Coast Shire-run kindergarten has seen a steady flow of applications for their four-year old program, bur are encouraging more applications to their three-year-old program.

Cr Heather Wellington highlighted the benefits for children when they spend two years in kinder.

“The early years of education are important for a child’s development and we know that two years of quality kindergarten can help prepare a child for their start to school life,” Cr Wellington said.

“Helen M Kininmonth Kindergarten has a huge outdoor area and a recently refurbished indoor space, offering beautiful environments for children to take part in play-based learning.”

The Winchelsea kinder has a natural playground which encourages active play in a range of spaces including, the sandpit, obstacle course, lawn area and more.

To participate in three-year-old kinder, children must have turned three by April 30.

All of the shire’s programs are government-funded and free for children to attend.

The shire also runs the Anglesea Kindergarten, Jan Juc Pre-school, Kurrambee Myaring Kindergarten, Torquay Kindergarten and Lorne Kindergarten.

First round applications are now closed, but second and third round offers remain open.

Places for 2025 will be confirmed by the end of September.

For more information, head to surfcoast.vic.gov.au

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