Starfish to spread joy across the Surf Coast

September 24, 2020 BY

Enjoy taking part in the Art of the Minds mindful colouring activity and show support for mental health. Pictured here is Judith and her son Jarrah colouring in our local Biscuit Starfish.

TORQUAY-BASED mental health and wellbeing charity Art of the Minds has launched its #5CStarFish campaign across the region to raise awareness of mental health and wellbeing during National Mental Health Month.

As part of the annual Art of the Minds Festival, the #5CStarFish campaign encourages community members to get creative and to join the conversation around mental health.

Art of the Minds President Jules Haddock asked everyone in the community to participate by colouring in their version of our local Biscuit Starfish.

“Through the simple act of colouring-in our much-loved Biscuit Starfish, everyone can engage in a mindful activity that will lighten our minds, brighten up our neighbourhoods and show our support for mental health.

“Over the last six months, our committee has worked tirelessly to prepare a festival program that will help us all celebrate National Mental Health Month on the Surf Coast. Our festival brings together a plethora of lived experiences, perspectives, professionals and community groups to tackle the stigma around mental health,” Mrs Haddock adds.

As a strengths-based campaign and festival, community members are given opportunities to learn about mental wellbeing, build resilience, become stronger advocates, and become more connected with other people and the community generally.

“Despite this year’s mental health and wellbeing festival going virtual, we hope that this campaign will inspire our renewed efforts to ensure that festival attendees have a positive, creative and meaningful experience throughout October,” Mrs Haddocks says.

For Art of the Minds event information and to register, visit