State of Wellness event launch takes off ahead of Summit

December 6, 2021 BY

Those looking forward to next year's Women's Summit packed out the Great Ocean Road Resort at last Thursday's event launch. Photos: INDIE LANE PHOTOGRAPHY

THE lead-up to the next Victorian State of Wellness Women’s Summit has officially begun following the Summit’s event launch last Thursday at the Great Ocean Road Resort in Anglesea.

The launch was a great opportunity for everyone interested in the summit to gather, re-connect and collaborate, as well as celebrating the health, wellbeing, and community of women ahead of next year’s event.

Last Thursday’s gathering came at a time when social connection and wellbeing was needed more than ever after 18 months of lockdowns and restrictions.

Guests at the launch event enjoyed some mindfulness, massage, conscious conversations and even laughing yoga.

Torquay resident and the Summit organiser, Jo Surkitt, from Revitalise Escapes, said the State of Wellness event in March next year aimed to raise awareness and provide education, strategies and connection for women to engage, support and enable themselves to make good choices around their overall health, family, work and wellbeing.

“According to the ABS, studies in June 2021, 23 per cent (almost one in four) of women experienced high or very high levels of psychological distress since March this year,” Ms Surkitt said.

“Almost one in three (30 per cent) younger Australians aged 18 to 34 years experienced high or very high levels of psychological distress.

“The pandemic has intensified things enormously and most people have been under a great deal of stress, experienced uncertainty and trauma on many different levels.”

Summit organiser Jo Surkitt alongside Surf Coast Shire mayor Libby Stapleton at last Thursday’s event launch in Anglesea.

In March 2022, the summit’s line-up of 15 presenters will speak on all aspects of health and wellbeing including: mental, emotional, physical, social, legal, environmental, and spiritual.

The Summit aims to bring together the best of the region’s wellness experts to inspire, encourage and guide women to live a healthy, happy, and successful life.

Women of all ages will hear from a curated range of keynote speakers, and engage in activities, a wellness expo and enjoy nutritious food throughout the one-day event.

The Summit will also feature an array of local businesses showcasing their products and services in a Positive Change expo, with participants walking away with a wealth of knowledge and great conversations, according to Ms Surkitt.

The State of Wellness Women’s Summit is being held on Friday, March 4, 2022.

Early Bird tickets and Group Discounts available now. For full details head to www.stateofwellness.com.au.