Storm-damaged trees pruned in Apollo Bay

August 15, 2018 BY

Severe wind damaged several cypress trees along Apollo Bay’s foreshore.

ARBORISTS have undertaken works on storm-damaged cypress trees along Apollo Bay’s foreshore.

Tree management company Treewatch carried out the Otway Coast Committee (OCC) works, which were funded by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP).

The trees were damaged by severe wind last month, during winter storms that saw large swells erode a one-kilometre stretch of foreshore.

The pruning on the foreshore between Mariners Lookout Road and Cawood Street was done to remove broken and cracked branches that could have fallen at any time.

DELWP Barwon South West regional manager of land and built environment Greg Leece said the works followed a DELWP-commissioned arborist’s report, which found four of the trees were at risk of major limb failure.

“Removal of the trees was not considered necessary, as most of the tree roots are growing in deep sand and are still structurally sound.

“The arborist assessment found the majority of cypress trees had sustained some damage but are not posing an immediate threat to the community.

“Data collected during the assessment will be used to guide long-term planning around the maintenance of these iconic trees.

“As some of the trees have a heritage overlay, significant consideration will be given to their value in the community before any non-urgent works are carried out.”

DELWP allocated $170,000 to assist the OCC in responding to the erosion damage at Apollo Bay, and will allocate further funding for long-term solutions to address ongoing coastal erosion.

The department also plans by early October to
present the community with a range of options to address coastal erosion at Apollo Bay and Marengo.