St Joseph’s students protest climate change inaction

September 19, 2019 BY

St Joseph's students "die" to advocate for greater action against climate change.

STUDENTS from St Joseph’s College advocated for greater action against climate change through a “die-in” action earlier this month.

Die-ins are peaceful protests where participants lie on the ground for a set time.

In this case the act of about 30 students on September 6 symbolised the future if the government does not take more significant steps to combating climate change.

St Joseph’s College teacher and director of identity Rachel Roche helped the students organise the events, and said she was pleased to see them take action over their future.

“A key group of our students believe climate change is the most important issue that they are faced with, and they were keen to get that out to our school community.

“My teacher voice is so much less powerful than student’s voices. They have more currency with their peers and things are going to be driven much more if they’re coming from the students than if they’re coming from the staff.”

Groups of St Joseph’s students “died” in prominent places around the school at three set times throughout the day. School principal Tony Paatsch also joined in the protest during recess.

The aim of the protest was to surprise and draw attention to the topic without using means that negatively affect others.

In May this year, more than 1,000 people took part in a die-in in the Melbourne CBD that was similarly done to try to get Australian governments take greater action on climate change.