Sunflowers celebrated again in Torquay

February 24, 2024 BY

L-R: Uli and Lina Wallis with their sunflowers. Photos: PETER MARSHALL

THE foreshore in Torquay was awash with yellow last Saturday for the Surf Coast Celebration of Sunflowers’ third celebration day.

The small community event featured more than 100 attendees with more than 40 registered sunflower growers displaying their best blooms, grown over the past three months.

Coordinator Bronwyn McNamee described Saturday’s event as the celebration day’s best edition in its three-year history.

“It was a terrific day, the best celebration day we’ve had to date. A lot of passers-by also dropped in as well, which made it a lively atmosphere,” Ms McNamee said.

“Not clashing with the Cadel Evans Road Race this year helped a bit as well with attendance it seems, but word of mouth about this event was certainly high too.”

Ms McNamee said there were dozens of sunflowers on display with a full range of appearances.

The tallest flower on the day was 2.6m, the widest sunflower head was measured at 27cm, and some smaller flowers measured as short as 5cm high.

“This event has always had a light-hearted atmosphere to it. I liken it to that of a small event at a country fair.

“People come, wander around, it’s almost unsophisticated – it’s not one of those slick setups – and a friendly, fun time.”

Check out our photos below.

Photos by Peter Marshall

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