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May 7, 2020 BY

Next Level Business Support consultants Lyndon Russell, Carolyn Russell and Ron Kemp.

IF YOU are a business owner struggling with your taxes or wanting to ensure you take full advantage of the government’s support schemes, now is the time to seek help, and Next Level Business Support is the place to get it.

It is easy for business owners to feel overwhelmed when dealing with tax returns, Business Activity Statements (BAS), or Australian Taxation Office (ATO), particularly in these trying times.

However, Next Level are tax rescue specialists with a success rate of more than 80 per cent in remitting or reducing ATO failure to lodge penalties and interest charges.

Next Level’s Lyndon Russell said being up to date on these matters helped the eligibility of businesses for funding from government initiatives such as the JobKeeper Payment and the ATO Cash Flow Boost.

“With what’s happening in the economy and the economic stimulus measures to support small businesses, it is now more important to have your BAS and your tax returns up to date so you can access those incentives.

“The ATO also has got administrative support relief measures in place giving leniency to people who have launched late.”

Mr Russell said the complexity of the JobKeeper Payment and the ATO cash flow boost meant expert support could make a major difference.

“There has just been so much information coming out so fast about both those initiatives. It has also been changing. It might be released in a press statement, and then it’s a fact sheet, then it’s an exposure draft and then it’s legislation. So by the time it’s legislation, there is often quite a lot more detail involved.”

He said business that had their responses to these initiatives managed professionally were therefore at an advantage.

“By doing that they know that they’re meeting their eligibility requirements, by possibly demonstrating a 30 per cent reduction in turnover.

“It also means they’re not missing out on any entitlements.”

They also provide no-obligation appointments for people wanting to see what they can gain from Next Level’s services.
Clients wishing to converse at a distance are in good hands, as Next Level began using video conferencing years before lockdown regulations were implemented.

JobKeeper payment applications are open until the end of May.